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Karisma Hotels is a collection of unique beach resorts in stunning vacation destinations along the Riviera Maya in Mexico.

The commitment and philosophy behind Karisma is simple: to fulfill your vacation dreams. How do they do it? By looking at hotels from the perspective of the guests; scrutinize everything, from the amenities to the food and from the drinks to the service; digging deep and looking at all the details; talking to the clients in order to anticipate just what might bring that perfect little touch to their stay; and finally, by offering great resorts, outstanding service, innovative dining, unique amenities, and, above all, an exceptional vacation experience.

For example, Karisma set out to create a new level of all-inclusive resorts, because they loved the concept and convenience of it. That’s why they have a corporate food & beverage director who ensures that Karisma properties serve truly innovative and distinctive cuisine, not the typical all-inclusive fare. Or why some of Karisma's gourmet-inclusive properties have a concierge service, 24-hour room service and beverage butlers. That’s also why Karisma's gourmet-inclusive programs are extensive and complete; including quality entertainment, enriching activities, and invigorating sports.

The people at Karisma Resorts are also hopeless romantics, so several of the resorts cater especially to lovebirds and honeymooners. They also specialize in destination weddings and even have special packages for wedding anniversaries. Click here now to view an online Wedding & Honeymoon E-Brochure.

They say that cha-ris-ma is a quality attributed to those with exceptional ability to secure great devotion of people. Karisma hotels says that "Karisma" is an exceptional ability to secure great vacations for people. (And doing so has secured ome serious devotion, too)

So, loosen that tie, take off the work dress, slip on a linen shirt or a beach blouse. Because, whether you are eloping, looking for a romantic weekend, a luxurious honeymoon, or just a relaxing getaway: You’ve arrived.


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A GI Vacation Consultant is a Travel Professional who is well versed, educated and prepared to provide exceptional service offering a tailor made vacation experience according to their client's needs and expectations. A GI Vacation Consultant is a specialist in one or more of the following niche markets; destination weddings, honeymoons, adults only, romance, anniversaries and families. A GI Vacation Consultant provides customers with confidence based on their first hand experience and knowledge after going through rigorous training and property site inspections which generates exceptional customer satisfaction with more sales.

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